DREW SMYLY beat the Tribe by pitchingh a four hit, 5-1 victory and thus avoiding a four game sweep by the Indians FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.
WOW….I didn’t know that, did you? DREW went 7.0 innings throwing 103 pitches
with 65 strikes while whiffing six and maintaining a very nice 3.80 ERA. JOBA
CHAIMBERLIN threw a scoreless eigth inning for the 13th TIME IN HIS LAST 14…
TORII HUNTER hit a hanging curve into the left field seats for a two run shot
while AUSTIN JACKSON continued to bomb Cleveland pitching with two more hits.

Meanwhile, SMYLY, a Southpaw, continued to face a WEAKENED right handed hitting
lineup. We pointed this out yesterday and so did the TV aznnouncers. This obvious Tribe weakness has to be corrected by them if they want to remain serious AL Central Division Contenders. On the other hand, Detroit, with it’s
one left handed starter, will have to face that left handed hitting power house
for the rest of the season…help! Do we have any Southpaw help in Toledo?
Erie? W. Michigan Whitecaps?

Tonite we face KIRK GIBSON’S Diamond Backs way down there in rattle snake
infested Arizona….careful where you step boys. Justin Verlander goes for
us with his corrected arm slot ??

To show you how important that victory was yesterday…if they had been
swept Cleveland would have been just 3.5 games back. But, by winning we
pushed them back to 5.5 a two game swing! Thank you MR. SMYLY>

injected by bobby. MIKE ILITCH CELEBRATED his 85th yesterday…I do it
in one week….I can hardly wait…..


Will their 7.5 lead over the Indians be completely gone soon The team from
across the lake has won three in a row and have absolutely throttled the Tigers
in every aspect of the game while whittling down Detroit’s lead from 7.5 games
to 4,5 as of today. To me, the Tribe looks hungry for some scalps and before the sun sets our lead might be down to 3.5 games. But the Indians have a glaring weakness…GOOD SOUTHPAW PITCHING will put them down! They are loaded
with left handed hitters. It will be interesting to see how the Tiger’s lone
left handed starter, DREW SMYLY, will do against them today. Meanwhile what was the Tiger’s brain trust thinking when they called up a right handed kid to go against these left handed bullies? It was just a matter of time!

We have to hit better and our bull pen needs to learn how to pitch under stress
or it will absolutely, GOING….GOING…..GONE WITH THE WIND. !

Yesterday I forgot DOUG FISTER…

Forgetting DOUG FISTER yesterday from my list of former Tigers now in the
N.L. could have been a mental slip on my part, however, it could have been
much deeper than that…Ever since the deal went down I’ve been in the how-
the-hell-did-this-happen category? After starting the year on the D.L. for
the Nats, Doug has come out blasting away with his high hard one and winning
eight big ones for Washington. What will the big guy do in the second half?
He has a history of strong finishes, so I would not doubt it one bit if DOUG
FISTER doesn’t carry D.C. right into the World Series! This deal could turn
out to be DAVE DOMBROWSKI’S worst nitemare, especialy if he beats us in the
Series….it could happen.

ALL STAR GAME LEFT OVERS…..Well the west coast writers finally zapped MIGGIE. The big guy hit one out driving in two while scorching a line drive
his other at bat plus playing flawlessy at First Base. How could he not be the
MVP of the winning team?
And our MAX getting the victory !!
MAX is ready for the second half. That said the Tigers with their THREE BIG
ACES, MAX, SANCHEZ and PORCELLO will be a shoo-in. SMYLY could have us all
SMYLING before this thing is over. On that pleasant thought, ADIOS.

BY BOBBY ON 7-16-14


JOAQUIN, JOAQUIN, Please come out wherever you are….SAN DIEGO !We had you
with the Twins in breezy Minnesota, but you wanted that sunny, hot southern you got it. But, how about those standings, JOAQUIN?? Ahem the
Tigers are in 1st place compared to the PADS? Oh there they are IN FIRST TOO,

Say hello to CAMERON MAYBIN, also down their with you in the land of
PADS…only CAMERON switched the rays of Miami, Florida, for Diego Rays. WOW,
you ISLAND guys sure do love that “LUCKY OLD SUN” Yes?
And, then there’s JOHHNY PERALTA who chose the Cardinals over the Cubs. J guess JOHHNY chose winning over tradition. JOHHNY< who insists on spelling his name with two "H's" says that with the Cards he gets both, WINNING & TRADITION! See you in October, JOHHNY. GERALD LAIRD is still with the BRAVES...only tell us , GERALD< what are your duties as the "4th" you are listed on the Braves 40 man roster.? Then, there's good old CURTIS GRANDERSON trying to figure out why he can't hit a hundred homers with the METS like he did with the Yankees in their match- box ball park? ED JACKSON now with the CUBBIES is trying to figure out why everyone is now cal- ling him "Suitcase" instead of EDWIN? Good luck SUITCASE (now with his 31st club in the 30 team MLB). ARAMIS RAMIREZ is still looking for his big break trying to replace the de- parted PRINCE FIELDER with the MILWAUKEE BEER DRINKERS. Carefull ARAMIS, you might end up back in COMERICA PARK, where it all started for you. And where you ate all that free pizza. Today's big question for all you smart guys (you too TIM) What do we do with our two millionaires, MIGGIE & JV, to help them earn MIKE'S greenbacks> At
least the first million. ?? C’mon give it a try.

by bobby on july 15th counting down to the big 85!


FORMER TIGERS ARE all OVER THE AL…Playing 2nd base for KC now is OMAR INFANTE. Has OMAR finally found a home after the Tigers, Atlanta, Miami. the Tigers again and now the Royals. OMAR is a true baseball player. Comes to the
park every day ready to play…why so much moving?? WHO KNOWS?
Next up……SCOTT SIZEMORE. Under contract with the yanks. He too is a gamer….carefull SCOTTY, don’t follow OMAR.
RYAN RAYBURN is still with the INDIANS, but not doing so well around .170 ??
BRENNAN BOESCH was like a lost soul with the Tigers and still is. Now with the ANGELS and just hanging on. Until he wakes up ….the skies the limit….
DELMON YOUNG is now with BALTIMORDE….just riding it out until he hangs it up.
MATT JOYCE…calls TAMPA PAY home playing very well JOE MADDEN. Who doesn’t?
YOQUIM BENOIT….always a gentleman at peace with the MARINERS
CECEL FIELDER on the MILLIONAIR’S DL with TEXAS.This is his 3rd stop. Strange?
CARLOS PENA …has been with the TIGERS, Rays, Cubs and Rangers. CARLOS is
just hanging on hitting south of .200. Keep those bags packed…should have
stayed at Tampa Bay and JOE.
Lost with the Tigers, CASEY FIEN is doing so-so with the TWINS.
FERNANDO RODNEY is with the MARINERS still pointing at the clouds.
AVISAIL GARCIA is on the DL again with the WHITE SOX. This Five Star Pros-
pect is a STAR waiting to happen. One of these days just watch him shine!

Something is very wrong with our two millionaires. MIGUEL CABRERA is a home-
run hitter! Just a few years ago HE WON THE TRIPLE CROWN and now he’s swing-
ing at the moon striking out agains rookies not dry-behind-the-ears! We still
think his injury last Fall was far worse than MIGGIE let’s on.
And then there’s JV….at least he used to be. The old JV WOULD NEVER HAVE

by bobby on the day after we shoulda’ been 8.5 ahead…..


RICK PORCELLO won his 12TH game in KC yesterday at the half way point of the season, If
he continues on this pace he will win over 20 games probably join JV & MAX as winners of that
coveted pitcher’s award for excdellenne, THE CY YOUNG AWARd.

RICK threwe 7 full innings and was supported by J.D. MARTINEZ’ 13 th homer and ALEX AVILA’S Moon

First there was 15, then 14 and then TWO ?

The Tigers behind ANABAL SANCHEZ’ one earned run pitching won his sixth victory
over Kansas City 2-1 . SANDY walked NONE…we hope the rest of the took note.
JOE NATHAN recorded his 19th save But in VALVERD’s stylr’ allowed a base
hit to OMAR INFANTE and then walked a man to put the tying run om second and the winning run on first with only ONE OUT…..holy bejabbers, I almost went
on a flight to Mars! JONES & VALVERDE together couldn’t arrange for a nastier
scenario. NATHAN escaped, along with me, when a KC hitter went down swinging
at a bad pitch. The final out came on a weak ground ball to first.

Let’s address the JOE NATHAN story. He did not look well. He fidgetted like
a 20 year old rook. Maybe it was that KC heat, but I have my doubts. It’s
the All Star break and he hasn’t shown us the domineering closer that he
was with the TWINS & RANGERS His age might still have the last laugh on all of

Have you noticed the AL ALLSTAR banner WITH THE ANGEL’S C F up front and
leading the way??? If anyone deserves this spot you would think that a
Triple Crown Winner, TWO MVP’S and how many hitting titles?? MIGUEL
CABRERA is his name!


Did Miguel Cabrera injure his right knee sliding into 3rd base on his 8th inning triple in Tuesday’s victory over LA?  It appeared that he did when he limped into the dugout and was immediately replaced by Don Kelly at 1st base. This is the main reason I believe that he did not play on a beautiful Wednesday….otherwise nothing would have kept him out of that lineup!

Little did Don Mattingly, Brooklyn’s manager, think that after his team scored five runs in the first inning on Tuesday that his Dodgers would be held scoreless for seventeen innings, except for a homer by rookie Miguel Rojas in yesterday’s 4-1 Tiger win. Max Scherzer threw seven strong 4-hit, 7K innings. Joba Chamberlain & Joe Nathan finished it with identical 8th & 9th innings allowing no runs while whiffing two each. Meanwhile, sparked by Austin Jackson’s lead-off triple and Kelly’s two-out single, the Tiger’s scored two huge runs in the first. Another two runs were added later, but those two in the first would turn out to be enough. On defense, the Bengals sparkled with Eugenio Suarez, Nick Castellano, and Rajai Davis coming through to get Scherzer out of trouble in the first three innings. The bottom-line is that the Tigers won without their M & M boys: Miggie and (Victor) Martinez, which has to give the team a big boost in the confidence department.


There’s sad news of former Tiger, Tommy Veryzer, passing. My son, Bobby,and I remember him well as a strong supporter of the Christian Program for Major League Ball Players. Tom attended our services in August of 1977 and even our Thursday evening Bible study. He even posed for pictures with lil’ Bobby. Tom made us feel right at home in this Major League setting. It goes without saying that Tom Veryzer will be missed by all. My guess is that Tommy is now leading off and playing SS for the Angels Heavenly Champs!

posted on 7-10-14 by bobby….


TORII HUNTER was called out at second base but after BRAD AUSMUS chal-
lenged the call HE WAS RULED SAFE. This MLB rule change allowing teams to give
the Umpires another look has been nothing but good. The call on HUNTER turned
a Dodger lead of 5-0 into a smashing Tiger victory is yet another example of
it’s goodness…..But, don’t you cry out once again for MLB to once more
change the call on GALARAGA’s so-called one hitter into a PERFECT NO HITTER! Ah, yes, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR MIGHT TO MAKE RIGHT.
But, back to the Tigers clobbering the old Brooklyn Franchise….after all they did manage to bang out 20 hits against anything the guys from La La Land
threw at them with the Moose, MIGUEL CABRERA, even managing his first triple since leaving the Dominican Republic.

Today it’s GREINKE AGAINST SCHERZER…../maybe it might happen again in October.



When the 7th 8th & 9th hitters are resembling TY COBB & PETE ROSE at the plate something smells. JOE MADDON, the RAY’S skipper is a crafty old Fox straight out of old school baseball. I wouldn’t put anything past Joe. He know’s what stealing signs is all about and exactly how to do it.

Here’s how a few former Tigers are doing with their new clubs. One of our favorites, OMAR INFANTE is on K.C.’s D’L', RYAN RABURN with Cleveland is smashing that ball at .205, CARLOS PENA with TEXAS is at .128 (ouch) JOHN PERALTA with the Cards was on the bench yesterday, CURTIS GRANDERSON, a NY Met is stinging at .233 and MATT JOYCE with the RAYS is swinging the stick at .271.

Our own all star, JULIO DANIEL MARTINEZ just keeps hitting taters whether the Tigers win or lose. Yesterday he hit his 12th and on Saturday he hit number eleven. Speaking of this amazing rookie I’m still in awe. In today’s MLB market things like this just don’t happen any longer. Are you telling me that the whole lot of Houston’s scouts & talent eagles all missed out on a 26 year old FIVE STAR PROSPECT playing all Spring right there under there very own noses????And he belonged to them! AND THEY GAVE HIM HIS OUTRIGHT RELEASE. Something doesn’t add up. Let me know your opinions….Meanwhile certain Houston employees must be squirming. At least they should be after pulling one of MLB’s all time GAFFES!
filed by bobby on 7-7-14