J. R. HOEFT, my son has come to the rescue of our WBWF QUARTERLY and also this
very website both with his treasures and his knowledge. He cleaned up this site so that now it’s very clear and easy to read. And, besides that he pays
for it ! He also paid to have the TIGER QUARTERLY: WHEN BASEBALL WAS FUN
printed and delivered. Now how can a proud Dad say thanks outside of, I guess,
just saying it….THANK YOU J.FR !!!

Those Tigers cannot make up there minds as to whether they want to play the role of either Champ or Chump. But, at least they are not cry babies. While
others cry and moan the Tigers simply bite the bullit. All Tiger Fans know this, but let’s all cry together. Listen up…where would they be with the likes of CY YOUNG winner JUSTIN VERLANDER pitching like himself and not trying
new “arm slots” all year long….he’s 11-11 today and easily should be 16-6 !
Then there’s last year’s ERA Champ, ANABALL SANCHEZ, down most of the year with
nagging arm problems. Shoulden’t he be at least around 13-6?? Absolutely! And then there’s the mysterious MIGGIE. Sure he’s still a big RBI guy. Give him credit for that, BUT do you think we miss his 40-45 homers? How can you
not miss MIGUEL CABRERA going after another TRIPLE CROWN ? CABRERA is hurt-
ing and so are we all watching this big Sultan of Swat string out and looking
bad doing it. All we can hope for is seeing him get fixed under the knife
and coming back all wealthy & healthy.
And, then there’s ANDY DIRKS. But I’ve cried enough for one day. I feel
better now, how about you ?

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