I just finished one of the hardest chores of my life, even harder than milking
old Lulu Belle up on the farm. I finished assembling my mailing to all WBWF
subscribers announcing the END OF MY QUARTERLY: “WHEN BASEBALL WAS FUN”.A lack
of funds is the main reason !

But wait…there still is hope. I have found out from my printer that she,
DAWN STEELE of Manchester, can print it for just $170 per quarter. I already
have one lover of WBWF willing to pay for one quarter and two others who will pay for a half a quarter, $85. I just need TOUR MORE to buy a half a share for just $28 per mo or only about .93 cents a day TO SAVE THE WEBWF QUARTERLY

YOU can be one of them….I refuse to mail this heart breaking letter until all
hope is lost…if you have any questions please email me at wbwf@sbcglobal.net or call me on my cell phone @ 734-476-8569′ . USE EIHER METHOD TO JUST TELL ME,

YRS! Thanks, bobby hoeft, publisher of WBWF

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