MAX WINS 13 th on his way to another CY YOUNG?

Will MAX SCHERZER win a second straight AL CY YOUNG Award? He has my vote.
He is down right nasty on that pitcher’s mound. Last night he won his 13th
striking out six while allowing just a few hits for another Quality Start. If
you look at the calendar he has about 12 more starts to win 7 to slide in to the coveted twenty victory slot. .

The Tigers once more scored a bunch of runs for Max and their 58th victory.
46. It kept them five games over the Royals. They scored SIX in the first and
sent 11 men to the plate. RICK CASTELLANOS banged out a three run homer to the opposite field. Later he hit a run scoring single which gave the rookie four R.B.I’S for the night. TORII HUNTER had three hits to join in the fun.

As MAX continues to shine it looks more and more like he will break the bank as he becomes a free agent during the coming off season. MIKE ILITCH will have
sell a lotta’ pizzas to keep MAX in a Tiger’s uniform. However, if I know Mike he will do his best to keep this little-big guy with two different collored eyes in Detroit. That means that VMART will go for the big bucks to
play elsehere. And here we sit with our need for left handed sticks. Please
stay with us VICTOR MARTINEZ….

filed by bobby on 7-31-14

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