T.T.& T. T. Take note! DOUG FISTER won his TENTH yesterday! This from a guy
who was on the D.L. for the first month ! ! The NL Cy YOUNG ???

Young Mr. RICK PORCELLLO should have FOURTEEN VICTORIES!! His team left him down. MLB Network is missing a big story right in front of their Keesters…
We need left handed bats…our left handed hitters presently are : KELLY, AVILA, DIRKS (presently on D.L. ) and switch hitting VMART. The only real MLB
threat is VICTOR. As I write this I’m amazed…this is a glaring weakness.

Arby’s hang your heads….They crow big time that if the TIGERS hit three Taters (folks do you know how often that actually happens?) they will present
us each with a teeny tiny bag of curly frieS! wow! are you kidding me. And, by the way YOU MUST HAVE PROOF to get your teeny tiny bag of curly fries.HA HA.

Keeping PHIL COKE on the payroll???? Now I know what WISHFUL THINKING means.

Ever since MIGGIE won the triple crown TIGER fans have talked about his
chances of repeating….personally I even wrote about it being possible. He
was still young and had that rare combination of being both a spray and poswer
hitter combined which is a MUST to win the HOMERUN AND the BATTING titles. Now
we must forget it. The Tigers are quiet about this but the truth is MIGGIE
has lost his pop ! His long fly balls are seldom reaching the seats. Out-
fielders are now catching them….I say that he’s still hurting. Last Fall
he was hurt more than he admits. My prediction: He will go under the knife
once more…and then MAYBE another TRIPLE CROWN will become a reality.

by bobby on 7-29-14 “One year older and deeper in debt” It’s not funny…

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