MAX SCHERZER notched his 12th victory as the Tigers came from behind to win
it’s 57th victory and go up SEVEN games over KC . At the beginning MAX was
unhittable…settinmg down the halo’s 1-2-3 for the first three frames and going on to strike out ELEVEN. MAX reliishes whiffing Mike Trout, whom west
coast Sports Writers hail as the next COBB/RUTH/GREENBERG and, well MAX was back at it. He struck out the kid twice running his string to SIX (MAX K’D him
4 times in a row earlier at the COPA). Finally, he hit a weak grounder his 3rd
time up. SCHERZER allowed just 3 hits and only ONE EARNED RUN running his ERA
to 3.37.

The offense was handled nicely by AUSTIN JACKSON going 2 for 5 and running his
multiple hit streak to ten games! Stop it soon AUSTIN or our TV guys will end
up on the Funny Farm ! NICK CASTELLANOS banged out 2 for 4 including a two run
double which turned out to be the winning runs ! Our boy, EUGENIO SAUREZ was
2 tor 3 hitting ahead of DAVIS in the eight hole.

Now for some great news out of the bull pen….JOE NATHAN came out of his
second home in the 9th to save his 21st game while striking out the dangerous
Howie KENDRCK swinging at a 1-2 pitch. Then came DAVID FREESE, he of Cardi-
nal World Series clutch hitting fame. Never mind, JOE put him away too, swinging
also at a 1-2 pitch and missing. Not to be out done Rookie Cron did the same
thing, that is swinging and missing a 1-2 pitch. NICE GOIN’ JOE ! !!

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