DREW SMYLY beat the Tribe by pitchingh a four hit, 5-1 victory and thus avoiding a four game sweep by the Indians FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.
WOW….I didn’t know that, did you? DREW went 7.0 innings throwing 103 pitches
with 65 strikes while whiffing six and maintaining a very nice 3.80 ERA. JOBA
CHAIMBERLIN threw a scoreless eigth inning for the 13th TIME IN HIS LAST 14…
TORII HUNTER hit a hanging curve into the left field seats for a two run shot
while AUSTIN JACKSON continued to bomb Cleveland pitching with two more hits.

Meanwhile, SMYLY, a Southpaw, continued to face a WEAKENED right handed hitting
lineup. We pointed this out yesterday and so did the TV aznnouncers. This obvious Tribe weakness has to be corrected by them if they want to remain serious AL Central Division Contenders. On the other hand, Detroit, with it’s
one left handed starter, will have to face that left handed hitting power house
for the rest of the season…help! Do we have any Southpaw help in Toledo?
Erie? W. Michigan Whitecaps?

Tonite we face KIRK GIBSON’S Diamond Backs way down there in rattle snake
infested Arizona….careful where you step boys. Justin Verlander goes for
us with his corrected arm slot ??

To show you how important that victory was yesterday…if they had been
swept Cleveland would have been just 3.5 games back. But, by winning we
pushed them back to 5.5 a two game swing! Thank you MR. SMYLY>

injected by bobby. MIKE ILITCH CELEBRATED his 85th yesterday…I do it
in one week….I can hardly wait…..

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