Will their 7.5 lead over the Indians be completely gone soon The team from
across the lake has won three in a row and have absolutely throttled the Tigers
in every aspect of the game while whittling down Detroit’s lead from 7.5 games
to 4,5 as of today. To me, the Tribe looks hungry for some scalps and before the sun sets our lead might be down to 3.5 games. But the Indians have a glaring weakness…GOOD SOUTHPAW PITCHING will put them down! They are loaded
with left handed hitters. It will be interesting to see how the Tiger’s lone
left handed starter, DREW SMYLY, will do against them today. Meanwhile what was the Tiger’s brain trust thinking when they called up a right handed kid to go against these left handed bullies? It was just a matter of time!

We have to hit better and our bull pen needs to learn how to pitch under stress
or it will absolutely, GOING….GOING…..GONE WITH THE WIND. !

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