Yesterday I forgot DOUG FISTER…

Forgetting DOUG FISTER yesterday from my list of former Tigers now in the
N.L. could have been a mental slip on my part, however, it could have been
much deeper than that…Ever since the deal went down I’ve been in the how-
the-hell-did-this-happen category? After starting the year on the D.L. for
the Nats, Doug has come out blasting away with his high hard one and winning
eight big ones for Washington. What will the big guy do in the second half?
He has a history of strong finishes, so I would not doubt it one bit if DOUG
FISTER doesn’t carry D.C. right into the World Series! This deal could turn
out to be DAVE DOMBROWSKI’S worst nitemare, especialy if he beats us in the
Series….it could happen.

ALL STAR GAME LEFT OVERS…..Well the west coast writers finally zapped MIGGIE. The big guy hit one out driving in two while scorching a line drive
his other at bat plus playing flawlessy at First Base. How could he not be the
MVP of the winning team?
And our MAX getting the victory !!
MAX is ready for the second half. That said the Tigers with their THREE BIG
ACES, MAX, SANCHEZ and PORCELLO will be a shoo-in. SMYLY could have us all
SMYLING before this thing is over. On that pleasant thought, ADIOS.

BY BOBBY ON 7-16-14

One thought on “Yesterday I forgot DOUG FISTER…

  1. The Fister trade was awful, no doubt about it. And Miggy definitely should have been the MVP of the All-Star game. I think MLB wants Mike Trout to be the new face of the game as Derek Jeter rides off into the sunset. Old with the old, in with the new.

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