First there was 15, then 14 and then TWO ?

The Tigers behind ANABAL SANCHEZ’ one earned run pitching won his sixth victory
over Kansas City 2-1 . SANDY walked NONE…we hope the rest of the took note.
JOE NATHAN recorded his 19th save But in VALVERD’s stylr’ allowed a base
hit to OMAR INFANTE and then walked a man to put the tying run om second and the winning run on first with only ONE OUT…..holy bejabbers, I almost went
on a flight to Mars! JONES & VALVERDE together couldn’t arrange for a nastier
scenario. NATHAN escaped, along with me, when a KC hitter went down swinging
at a bad pitch. The final out came on a weak ground ball to first.

Let’s address the JOE NATHAN story. He did not look well. He fidgetted like
a 20 year old rook. Maybe it was that KC heat, but I have my doubts. It’s
the All Star break and he hasn’t shown us the domineering closer that he
was with the TWINS & RANGERS His age might still have the last laugh on all of

Have you noticed the AL ALLSTAR banner WITH THE ANGEL’S C F up front and
leading the way??? If anyone deserves this spot you would think that a
Triple Crown Winner, TWO MVP’S and how many hitting titles?? MIGUEL
CABRERA is his name!

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