Ladies first….CAROLYN TRUCKS BECWITH is the daughter of the late and
great Tiger Pitcher, VIRGIL “FIRE” TRUCKS. In 1952 VIRGIL fired TWO NO
HITTERS for the Tigers! In 2007 he contacted WBWF and became a LIFE TIME
SUBSCRIBER. One thing led to another and soon VIRGIL was writing a column
for WBWF using the headline of : “HERE COMES THE FIRE TRUCKS”. Most of his
columns came from his book, THE LIFE & TIMES OF VIRGIL FIRE TRUCKS. It’s
a great book about a great man and great pitcher. Ted Williams said that
Truck’s fast ball came in at over 105 MPH !!! And now his daughter, CAOLYN is going to follow in her Daddy’s footsteps and write a columnn called:
“HERE COMES THE FIRE TRUCKS…..AGAIN.” She followed her Father all over
old BRIGGS STADIUM as a kid and still loves it as we all do. Her stories
are bound to be great from the greatest!

J.W. PORTER came aboard the WBWF express around the same time as Virgil in
2007. As soon as we read his writing and found out about his mountain
of good old baseball stories we coaxed him into trying to put some of those
fantastic ageless stories on paper for WBWF. He did and a priceless column
was born . It’s called : “PORTER HOUSE STEAK” and over the years J.W. has
written monumental wild yarns about HARMON KILLEBREW, CASEY STENGAL. OLE’
SATCHEL PAIGE, and, well there seems to be no bottom to his humorous memory!
And he has signed on for another year! Your missing TIGER BASEBALL at
it’s greatest if you are not a WBWF reader. Just reading PORTER and
CAROLYN TRUCKS alone is well worth the minimal cost. One WBWF sells for
just $2.50 but you can sign up forever for $19 !!! the golden email
numbers for you to contact are…wbwf@sbcglobalnet or wbwf@gmailcom
or call me at 734-478-8569. Reading WBWF is truly a great TIGER TREAT!

by bobby on 2-16-14 tomorrow: TIM NEWSTED & COACH WARREN WILBERT also
WBWF Columnists…


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