2014, Here Come’s the DETROIT TIGERS…part III

ESPN calls the Tiger’s starting rotation, with or w/o FISTER, the “The Best MLB.”
And so do we. Here’s why. With a nesw snappy defense (Iglisias at SS, Cestellenos
at 3rd, Kinsler at 2nd and the Big Guy at First where he belongs) the entir Staff will
benefit, especially RICK PORCELLLO, who throws 69% ground ball outs. ESPN says that
PORCELLO will have a “Btreakout year at only 25 years old”) He’s only 25 but already
he’s been a starter for FIVE always winning in double figures!
The rest of the starters are just plain MEAN. They come at you with two Cy Young winners
and an ERA 2013 Champ. JV % MAX the Ct Young winners and SANCHEZ gobbled up the ERA CUP
last year. Everyone will be watching DREW SMYLY. But if look at his numbers he looks
like a CAN’T MISS Southpaw. And he’s a young hungry Tiger. WBWF says he should win 14.

The Bull Pen is filled with nasty bulls! Listen up…AL ALBURQUERQUE, JOE NATHAN, JOBA
CHAMBERLAIN (Yes, Bobby II we signed JOBA last week) BRUCE EONDON and LUKE PUTKONEN all
clock in at 95+ MPH (with RONDON coming at you with his 102 MPH) !! Yeh, we hear you all
the way over here in Chelsea, Michigan BRRR. SPEED DOESN’T WIN BALL GAMES! That’s
right, but we know of 29 MLB Managers swho envy BRAD AUSMUS. No, it doesn’t win all by
itself, but it’sd damned nice tlo have it! Plus our friend from N. Michigan, Tim Newstead,
informs us that JOE NATHAN will save 48 games this year…WOW,


3 thoughts on “2014, Here Come’s the DETROIT TIGERS…part III

  1. TIM…..it really doesn’t matter, does it? As long as he’s wearing the English “D” …

  2. My pick for the Cy Young in 2014 is Sanchez who has the right temperment and consistency to win 20 or more… kind of reminds me of one of my favorite old timers, Tommy Bridges…I can’t help being elated with the addition of Kinsler and Nathan… Kinsler could write the job description for the lead off position and Nathan will fill the “closer”void we had last year.

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