2014 Here we come part II

THE tigers will have the luxery of having one of the best DH hitters
in the game. We were spoiled hy the pinch hitting genious of THE GATER’
GATES BROWN was a maestro at pinch hitting but baseball garu’s will
probably give the nod to VMART because of his ability to switch-hit. That is
a huge plus.
We see NICK CASTELLENOS hitting in the 5-hole. He’s a born hitter, so
start him in the five spot and leave him thrive. By gosh, he’s waited
long enough. We’re betting on Alex to bounce back and that’s why we are putting\
his left handed stick at number six. That’s ALEX AVILA hitting .285.
Then comes ANDY DIRKS and RAJA DAVIS splitting left field. I think that
once BRAD AUSMUS sees RAJA’s speed, stealing over 40 bases last year,
he will go with DAVIS almost every game.
In the 8 spot comes a familiar name, AUSTIN JACKSON. Out of the stress
spots this young man will go ballistic. All of his talents will shine.
He might even beat out a bunt!!
And now comes the king of all short stops, JOSE IGLISIAS! I’ve seen him
work for two months and what a defensive wizzard he is. He gives me the
bejabbees at SS. Fans, get ready to put your arms around a remarkable talent,
My gut tells me after the dust clears he will be a KING TIGER!


by bobby on 12-31-13

2 thoughts on “2014 Here we come part II

  1. I agree Gates Brown was a great pinch hitter but he was more than that. I got to know him a little at fantasy camps and know I would have loved to have played with him. Regarding your predictions of the 2014 team, I pretty much am in agreement. Haven’t seen enough of Nick Castellenos to have an opinion but agree whole heartedly with the rest. A healthy Victor Martinez and a return to form of Alex Avila will make us very formidable. Austin Jackson should feel much more comfortable at the bottom of the batting order and I believe Jose Iglisias will become a much better hitter in time. I’ve heard nothing but nice things about Brad Ausmus. I like this team better than last year’s simply because of the added speed we will have with Davis and Iglisias. Comerica Park is not built for a power laden team and when it comes to Cabrarra it doesn’t matter. He would be a great hitter in Yellowstone Park.

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