2014 Here we come, ready ofr not…

I can’t help being optimistic when I look at the Tigers for 2014,
Here’s why:
My opinion has always been…the Leadoff guy sets the table, He
should be fast…he should master the art of bunting…he should
work the count, he should give you a .280 to .320 BA and he shoud
be a threat to steal which bothers the crap out of pitchers.
Enter IAN kINSLER…this guy can at last be our lead0ff hitter’
TORII HUNTER, he’s everybody’s dream as a #2 hitter. With Torii
you get RELIABILITY yes, spelled with capitol letters.
How about this: KINSLER, HUNTER & CABRERA coming at you!!!
And then here comes the greatest “hitter on this planet”. With
MIGGY all you worry about will he win another MVP, Batting title
and/or another triple crown???

more tomorrow 12-30-13

2 thoughts on “2014 Here we come, ready ofr not…

  1. I agree with everything you say, Bobby … andI look for a HUGE year out of Victor Martinez.

  2. Oh yes, VMART is going to smoke all tear…he won’t need two month’s to find himself
    like he needed last year.

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