Yesterday I gave our WBWF readers a chance to follow my lead in projecting the
starting lineup for the 2014 Tigers….see yesterday’s post. The results:
ZIP , ZILCH & ZAP! Not one of you had the balls to go out on the limb in
this Winter’s hot stove league and actually have some fun. I’m all for making
predictions….I even picked the Tigers to win the World Series. I still
think the defining moment came on big poppa’s grand slam in the 2nd game. Can
you believe our guys were four outs away from coming home with a two game lead.
They never recovered!
Just like last night the Lions were mince meat after Johnson dropped a pass right in his
bucket which would have gone for a long gain or possibly even a 6 pointer! Then
Stafford throws another INT and Fairly is guilty for another stupid penalty!
Was this the same team that demolished the Cheese Pack 40-10 on Thanksgiving??

I’ve had it for Detroit & UM football….wake me up for opening day….

posted 12-17-13 by bobby scrooge hoeft


  1. I agree with your starting lineup for 2014, Bobby … except I have Dirks starting in LF over Rajai Davis. (Also, just to clarify a couple first names — Castellanos is Nick, not Rick; and Iglesias is Jose, not Ramon.) And one final note: Joe Nathan will save 48 games.

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