What’s Happening With The Tigers?

The Tigers have been seriously quiet…here’s my take.
Prince Fielder let his personal life get mixed up with his baseball life…..LISTEN UP
Can you believe the rumors about MAX SCHERZER going else where? Before that happens
MIKE ILITCH & DAVE DOMBROWSKI would have to turn into ABBOTT & COSTELLO. Who’s on
the pitching hill for the Tigers? Try MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX every 5th day!
Recent poll about who will step into the Tiger’s managerial throne had Kirk Gibson
picking up a whopping 77% of the vote…and yet the Detroit sports media avoids
the topic as if it were covered with Rattle Snake venom. The Detroit Sports Mdedia
is past all understanding… THE FANS WANT KIRK! He has proven his managing skills
with what he’s done with the Diamondbacks. What more can he do???
I am watching the MIGUEL CABRERA medical bulletins as closely as MIKE & DAVE. How
important is it? Let’s see, he’s actually been called the “greatest MLB hitter of
all time.” WHEW. If he fails to regain his god-given hitting talents, well, forget
it, I don’t even want to go there. RE. the greatest hitter thing. I’ll give that
title as a right hander, but TEDDY WILLIAMS will always be my lefty. How ’bout you?

submitted by bobby on a cold Oct. eve 10-30-13…trick or treat.

One thought on “What’s Happening With The Tigers?

  1. Let’s see . . . . .

    Tigers: Cobb, Heilmann, Gehringer
    Athletics: Foxx (A’s and Red Sox)
    Yanks: Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle – not to mention Ruth
    St. Louis Browns: Sisler
    Twins (and Angels): Carew Twins: Puckett
    Giants: Mays
    St.L. Cards: Hornsby-Musial-Pujols
    Pirates: Wagner
    Braves: Aaron
    Phils: Schmidt

    I think I can see daylight between most of the above and Miggy.

    There’s always that shade of difference between great (Cabrera) and immortal — tight?

    W.N. Wilbert

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