Why did the Tigers implode again this year? We can look at a few
areas for the answers, starting with the shakey bull pen. The troubles
began out there in Spring Training and never really got fixed. This
problem plagued Jim Leyland all season. When you only have one reliever
that you can trust, DREW SMYLY, you have big troubles. Each reliever
from AL ALBUERQUEQUE to PHIL COKE had their day in the Sun, but one day
just doesn’t cut it…we think JOSE VALVDERDE used some voodo on the PEN.

Secondly, the AUSTIN JACKSON strike out fiasco never should have happened.
He was never a lead off hitter. Anyone with his speed who simply refuses
to bunt and instead strikes out should have been hitting 8th or 9th from the
very beginning. JIM LEYLAND stands right in the middle of this miscomboblium.
LEYLAND, from day one insisted that JACKSON was the team’s catalyst ?? Well
that being said shouldn’t the opposite also apply? His consistant K’s were
an embarrasment to the whole team…just ask TORII HUNTER.

And our last huge problem area was MIGUEL CABRERA’S injury. Fan’s this was
much bigger than most people envisioned. Here was ” the greatest hitter on this
planet” playing doubles into singles and limping all over the field. MIGGY gave
it his best shot. But Management thinking his performance would prove to inspire
the team WERE DEAD WRONG. It instead, fractured them. To watch their leader with
his long ball Triple Crown suddenly become a singles guy was mentally asking too
much. And now what about his future? This writer is worried. If CABRERA doesn’t
heal properly we might all only see his great hitting ability in our rear view mirror.

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