It’s nothing but snow as I look out my office window here in Chelsea, Michigan…
But, wait. There’s nothing but sunshine coming up from Lakeland, Florida.
Why is this? The Tigers won their opening Spring Training game, 2-1 over the
mighty Atlanta Braves, THAT’S WHY. Even with Gerald Laird, the hitless former
Tiger now wearing the Atlanta “A” on his uniform, the Tigers beat ‘em by the
lopsided score of 2-1. The regular Tiger infield of Cabrera, Fielder, Peralta
and Infante all joined Laird in going hitless. Three cheers for Gerald, hey?

The snow outside my window was not impressed. It’s still bright white. Even if Jim Leyland
promised to play all of his regulars in his lineup today. Wow, Jim thanks a lot. That
made our day. Maybe, we’ll even get a hit.

Speaking of hits…it’s amazing to these long-in-tooth brain cells of mine to hear and read
about why the Tigers will be so improved this year over last. They offer up bushels of
reasons with only a few getting it right. Folks, his name is TERII (spelled with two I’s)
HUNTER and his presense in the former troublesome two hole will solve all kinds of Tiger
Woes. First off they will receive an over .300 bat, where before they were happy to get
a .250 stick. Secondly, they will receive a golden glove winner in R.F. , where before they
were lucky if their right fielder ever came within a thousand miles of a gold glove. This
is a big one…just ask Jim Leyland. Lastly, they receive a genuine Charity personality.
Terii Hunter is a beautiful human being! Add this type individual to an already club house
known around baseball as those “good guys wearing the English ‘D’ ” and you have a team put
together by the big hearted Mike Ilitch. In fact Ilitch see’s Hunter as that final part to
bring that illusive WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP back to the Motor City.

Now that’s great news. Now the snow is departing and I’m starting to imagine blue birds
and even Turtles Ernie, singing Halleluya, Halleluyay (could I posiibly miss spell that

posted by bobby on a frigid Michigan day , 2-23-13. But wait, THE TIGERS ARE COMING!

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