Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the Tiger’s improve their strong Spring training record
to 10-1 on the MLB network. But was saddened to hear of Austin Jackson’s TEN WHIFFS IN JUST
23 AT BATS! And so his new approach of a shorter stroke ect. is not working! C’mon TIGERS, you
just gotta’ end this kid’s misery. HE IS SIMPLY NOT A LEADOFF HITTER! Of all the talent the Tiger’s
do have of what we see, DIRKS might just be the answer. He’s a lefty who flies down that line. At
least he gives the batting order a whole new look. Leyland could DH him or against right handed
pitchers and have him play in left against southpaws.

The expirement of Inge at second is not going too well for Brandan. His 6 for 25 for a .240 BA isn’t
too bad, especially for him, but pales a bit when compared to his opposition of Rayburn’s FOUR H.R.’s
and 14 RBI’s in just 17 AB’s AND Santiago’s 7-21 and a .333 BA! Could this be Goodbye for Inge??

In yesterday’s shutout victory all of the pitchers looked good. The Tiger’s pitching depth never fails to
amaze me. Porcello started and took his 2nd Florida victory to the bank, but, the the three men who
followed him, Marte, Dotel and Villarreal, turned my head which meant: FOLKS THE TIGERS ARE DEEP
OUT ON THE MOUND. I don’t know about you, but, VILLARREAL is the real deal. Where can Leyland
put all these guys? A fact that should not be overlooked by their opposition is as follows: in accumu-
lating this outstanding 10-1 record THE TIGERS HAVE HARDLY EVER TRAILED ON THE SCOREBOARD!!
Now there’s something that you can take to the woodshed. And, Folks, it’s all about their pitching. It
certainly a nice problem that Jim Leyland has down there in the Sunshine State.

In the Fifth Starter Sweepstakes, my pick of TODD SMYLY still stands, although a bit shakey. He’s
on the mound today…so we shall see.

filed by bobby hoeft on 3-17-12

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