Yesterday I watched the special segment of the PRINCE FIELDER signing on national television and here’s my thoughts:
Mike Ilitch isn’t fooling around in his quest to bring bring his Tigers to the World Series Championship! And neither should we.
All true Tiger fans should jump on board his wagon of shrewd thinking…now hear this…TICKET SALES ARE BOOMING!
How many sell outs will the THREE HALL-OF-FAMERS, Verlander, Cabrera and Fielder bring into Comerica?? All home games?
Perhaps. And even when they’re on the road? At any rate the money making attendance figures will soar. And so will the
Tigers. Their explosive lineup will explode. Runs should be plentiful for our starting pitchers to enjoy! And us too.

Speaking of pitchers…those free agent pitchers will now look at Detroit’s power and guess what? They’ll want in.
Also speaking of pitchers…Prince Fielder is not the first Prince to wear the English “D”. Look at the great Tiger’s statues
in deep center field and you will find the other one: HALL-OF-FAMER, SOUTHPAW HAROLD “PRINCE” NEWHOUSER. Will
Prince Fielder accomplish the mighty feats of Newhouser?? This new Tiger is a shoe-in if he continues with his bombing.
And you & I are going to enjoy every minute of it! Thanks to Mike Ilitch.

And how about Cabrera playing third? For those of us who have played 150 games of pro ball in one year, realize that
playing different positions in baseball IS NOT AS COMPLICATED as the average fan worries about. “Cabbie” will be ok.
Then there’s the tough LEYLAND job of welcoming Victor Martinez back into his lineup. Do you mean to tell me that visions
of FIELDER, CABRERA and MARTINEZ hitting doesn’t cause you a few glorious flip flops? Folks, if it doesn’t you should take your
pulse immediately. Oh yeah, that’s going to cause Jim Leyland fits….all good ones.

And then there’s all the FREE P.R. that’s already started for Dave Dombrowski and his gang to contend with. Already yesterday’s
WELCOME HOME PRINCE FIELDER TELEVISION PARTY was televised nationally on THE BASEBALL NETWORK live and then repeated
for the rest of the day! Millios saw it over and over with high-in-the-sky ratings. That exposure would have cost the Tigers
Billions of dollars but they got it all for FREE! Yes, I said billions. National TV commercials are out of sight, cost wise.

I’ll see you down at Comerica…if I can get a seat!

posted on 1-27-12 by the flip flopping bobby hoeft, founder & publisher of WHEN BASEBALL WAS FUN.


  1. Bobby- Your latest on the totally unexpected signing of the “Price” reads like a line from the “Music Man” musical. There is little doubt in my mind that this guy will hit more home runs in the old English “D” so I will put aside my concern about moving Cabera over to third and get behind you and march in your parade. If I still lived in the Detroit area I would blow my retirement budget and buy a season ticket to watch the fireworks at Tiger Stadium.

  2. Cabrera is completely sold on his move to third. In fact, my scource tells me, he WELCOMES
    the opportunity. Seems like first base was becoming a little boring for him…and we don’t
    want the big guy bored! The Tigers are more concerned about their number five starter.
    Now that Fielder is in the fold Free Agent Pitchers are looking at the Tigers in a different lite.
    Who wouldn’t want that smasher lineup behind you. Fister is champing at the bit! LOL

  3. Hey Bobby — If the big Senor is happy at third and isn’t too envyous of Mr. Fielder’s bigger paycheck all of us Tiger fans will have much to be happy about this year. One thing for certain Cabrera will not be bored guarding the hot corner.

    In my first post I must have not shaken the cobwebs out of my head when I referred to Fielder as “Price” rather than correctly as “Prince”. What was I thinking? I also are aware that the Tigers now play at Comerica Park not Tiger Stadium. At least, I didn’t say Briggs Stadium or Navin Field where they did play WBWF!

  4. Don’t be too concerned about a spelling and/or grammer errors…they happen to the
    best of us. Cabrera should be left alone in his new excursion. Seems to me there’s already
    too much flapping about it. So, I for one will put it to rest and think more about how him
    and big Prince will do up in the batter’s box. I’m already feeling better. I’m betting even
    money on the two of them banging out about FORTY TATERS and knocking in over 200 runs
    collectively. Boy, I’m already feeling better. How about you, Charley?

  5. Hey Dr. Bobby– I’m feeling much better—-and I am “Dunn” being concerned or having any negative thoughts about about the line up changes. I only hope that I will remember the Tigers are playing at Comerica and not Cominsky Park. Let’s now concentrate on filing that left hander spot in the rotation and winning it all in 2012.

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