A Word of caution for Pujols…

Remember what happened to Edgar Renteria…Boston loved the hard hitting NL shortstop and so they brought him into
the American League for millions of $$$$ and he couldn’t hit a lick. And just like that he was gone!
A few years later the Tigers, not paying any attention to Boston’s mistake, traded promising young pitcher Jair Jurrjens, for
the hot hitting short stop and it all happened again….he couldn’t hit his weight in the strong AL, and once more he was
gone like the wind. This time though, the Tigers lost big time as Jurrjens has turned into an all star!

And, remember Adam Dunn? The White Sox brought the slugging 1st sacker over from the NL Nats for the Sears Tower!
Do you know what the word FLOP means? That’s what Dunn did and by September Adam was on the bench! Chicago is
still trying to get the Sear’s Tower back.

So you see folks…good hitters in the weak pitching NL don’t always hit AL pitching all that well. Now it could happen to
Pujols. The Angels may now have joined the Red Sox, White Sox and the Tigers in getting fleeced by a so-called great
NL hitter. The jury is out.

How about Victor Martinez injuring his arterior cruciate ligament WHILE WORKING OUT!! My aching back! What kind of
work out was that? We’ve heard of guys hurting themselves skiing, bowling, playing basketball and even having a box fall
on their shoulder up in their attic….but this???Up to this writing all we know is that it happened while Victor was working
out. Whatever kind of workout it was…please keep Verlander, Fister and Cabrera away from it!! Speaking of injuries, has
anyone heard the latest on Brennan Boesch’s bad break?

Now that everyone in the baseball world has heard about Yoenis Cespedes, our prediction a few weeks ago about the Tigers
ending up with him appears in jeapardy. How about those Cubs? Well, at least they can’t give him the Sears Tower. Adam
Dunn already has it. From all indications however, they’re ready to give him whatever he wants. Remember, this is the guy
who whiffed three times in his first game in the Dominican Republic???

We are picking the Tigers to win it all in 2012 AND it has nothing to do with who hits in the 5 hole. We explain it all in the
WBWF Spring Quarterly which will be out soon.

posted by bobby hoeft on 1-21-12 following his heart attack right after the Martinez injury report!!

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