Our inside source reports to WBWF that the TIGERS are pulling out all the stops to
acquire this five star 20 year Cuban outfielder…he has alreadfy loosened his ties from
Uncle Castro, as he fled to the Dominican Republic some time ago. Our source tells us
that the Tigers so called “slight interest” in YAENIS is a smoke screen and that they are
pulling out all of the stops in their pursuit of this future hungry Super Star. That fits.
Hasn’t it always been DOMBROWSKI’S style to operate quietly until the forms are signed
and sealed. ANYWAY, REMEMBER that name: Come February he might be trying on an
English D uniform.

Also, MARK BUERLY, is in the Tiger’s gun sights. He’s a different target though from CESPEDAS.
MARK is a proven MLB southpaw with a no-hitter in his collection and some brilliant numbers.
If our source is correct though, don’t be surprised to see the Tigers even go stronger afrer the
Cuban kid than Buerly. With the thinking that Youth & speed outnumber age.

One last sore spot…why do the Tigers continue to play this CAT N’ MOUSE game with a true
baseball gamer? CARLOS SANTIAGA will walk away if they’re not careful and led by mr. D
they will all have eggs n’ beer all over their face!! The way they have treated a true Tiger is

filed 12-2-11 by bobby hoeft ONLY 73 DAYS BEFORE SPRING TRAINING BEGINS !!

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